Curriculum Vitae

Brenda Yastremski

Summary of Qualifications

q Analytical vision and ability to synthesise
q Excellent organisational abilities
q Entrepreneurial experience
q Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
q Expertise in facilitation of cross-cultural sensitivity training and cross-cultural communication
q Intensive background in Spanish and European business environment
q Fluent written and spoken Spanish
q Working knowledge of French
q Over 10 years of experience teaching English to a diverse clientele


q Post-Graduate Degree in Spanish to English Translation — Institute of Linguists, London, United Kingdom. —
      Letter of Credit in Humanities
q Post-Graduate Degree in English as a Second Language/English as a Foreign Language Teaching — University of
      Granada, Spain in conjunction with Charles Sturt University, The University of Western Sydney, Australia and the
      Australian Institute in Barcelona, Spain.
q Post-Graduate Degree in English as a Second Language/English as a Foreign Language Teaching --University of
      León, Spain.
q Post-Graduate Course in Spanish to English Translation — International House, Barcelona, Spain.
q Certificate in Spanish to English Translation — Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, Madrid.
q Honours B.A. (Spanish Major/French Minor) — University of Waterloo, Canada. Distinguished Performance Award
      from the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa.
q University Abroad Programme in Spain — Two Summer Courses on Spanish Language, Literature, Culture and   
      Politics over the course of two consecutive summers in Madrid, Spain. University of Windsor, Canada.

Professional Experience

q Spanish Language Tutor at Middlebury College Vermont, U.S.A.
      * Personalised, intensive tutorial sessions to FBI Special Agent enrolled in Spanish Summer School Programme
      * Language Consultant - Observation in High School, Vocational School, Rural Middle School in Tunxi (Huangshan),
        Anhui Province, China

q Freelance Language Consultant (Present)
      Teaching English as a Second Language/English as a Foreign Language
      * Learners from high school age to adults across the socio-economic strata
      * Extensive experience with international executives
      * English for special purposes – business, railways, environmental issues

q Translator (Spanish to English)
      * International clientele
      * Specialisation in technical and business translations as well as “English for Environmental purposes”
      * ESL as well as preparation, translation and editing of curriculum vitae, speeches, faxes, reports, e-mails and
        presentations for senior company executives, Members of Spanish Parliament, Spanish Cabinet Minister, Vice
        President and other top level personnel of the CNMV (Spanish Securities & Exchange Commission -SEC)
      * Consecutive interpretation services and whispered interpretation for European Union GW15 Sub-committee on
        Track Gauge
      * Indirect/reverse translation of technical railway manuals, web sites and other railway signs and documents for
        RENFE, (Spanish national railways) and for Los Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya, (Catalan commuter
        railway system)
      * Translation of RENFE’s AVE (Spanish high speed train) application, in book form, for the European Quality
        Award in 1998, for which they were awarded First Prize
      * Consecutive interpretation services for the AVE team while accompanying visitors on tours of the high speed
        train facilities, stations, workshops as well as on tours of the train itself
      * Consecutive interpretation services for the marketing department’s presentations of the AVE
      * Consecutive interpretation services for AVE senior management during awards ceremonies
      * Consecutive interpretation services for the Head of International Affairs Services, Slovenian Railways,
        (Slovenske železnice), during the 4th World Congress on High Speed held in Madrid -- EurailSpeed 2002
      * Translation of correspondence and presentations for renowned academics from the Complutense University in
        Madrid and the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain
      * Translation of book synopses for La Revista de Historia Económica (an academic, economic, history periodical)
      * Translation of articles for the FRIDE Foundations– La Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo
        Exterior y su Foro AOD – A European think tank for global action
      * Correction of medical reports for Izola Hospital in Slovenia
      * Trust & Best Global Sourcing Company Ltd. (David Yan, China): Translation of the company’s web page into
        both English and Spanish
      * Interpreter for Dalhousie's Cuba Intensive Programme, April-May 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 - ongoing: Provided all
        onsite consecutive interpreting between Spanish and English for all activities while the group was in la Havana,
        Cuba, including lectures, classes, interviews, site visits, excursions and social activities. The topics
        covered included history, political science, economics, education, social development, infancy and childhood,
        agriculture, ecology, tourism, health care, art, music and culture.

q Senior Staff Instructor — Centro de Idiomas Sagasta S.A., Madrid
      * Development and design of courses and pedagogical instruments
      * Development of audio-visual and visual aids
      * Development and evaluation of assessment instruments (exams, tests and student placement)
      * English as a Second Language/English as a Foreign Language instruction; individual and group classes, learners
        of all ages and backgrounds

q Co-Owner and Staff Instructor — Centro de Idiomas Richmond S.A., Madrid
      * Developed and carried out business plan. Founded language academy with three associates

q Staff Instructor — Educentro, Madrid


“Identifying Sources of Anxiety in Second Language Non-Academic Environments: Anxiety Related to Living and Working in Second Language Environments.” Australian Institute, Barcelona 2001.

…I decided that I would carry out a research project in an area that affected both my work and myself directly. On a daily basis I function in a society that speaks a language different from my mother tongue. My own personal and academic experience, as well as my background living and working here in Spain, have made me very aware of the innumerable factors involved in learning a second language. …I set about to carry out collaborative, qualitative research in the area of language use -- applied linguistics -- to identify sources of anxiety. Once identified, my belief was that I would be able to incorporate new foci into my preparation in order to improve the English for special purposes that I teach. …When we interact with strangers and/or individuals who are culturally different from ourselves we immediately tend to experience a lack of security, as this is a new situation. This lack of security could be considered a type of fear or anxiety. ...The purpose of this practicum is to gain first hand information from a wide variety of people who are living and working in a second language environment. I hope to find out to what degree anxiety affects their natural performance in society as well as which variables, if any, are involved in creating anxiety in their day to day lives. Likewise I am interested in discovering to what degree fluency with language leads to less anxiety in relating to culturally different others…